How Barkha Dutt Helped the Terrorists

8 12 2008

Barkha Dutt who some say was India’s answer to Christiane Amanpour  (although Christiane is way ahead) sadly lost her composure and along with it a sense of ethical journalism. A lot of blogs out there have criticized her for her shoddy reporting. But below is an extract of the India’s Chief Admiral’s public assault on NDTV and more specifically Barkha Dutt. Read on…

“Navy chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta on Tuesday mounted a frontal assault on the sections of the electronic media for its reckless coverage of the Mumbai attacks. In his annual press conference ahead of Navy Day on December 4, Mehta said the manner in which TV channels reported India’s worst terror strike had “tactical implications” and might have worked to the advantage of the terrorists.

“When operations were taking place, the channels were reporting that commandos were being airdropped. The terrorists were in live contact with their masters, who were keeping them informed. Such minute-by-minute coverage can be detrimental to conduct of operations. We are disturbed by such reporting.” Mehta picked holes in the coverage of the 1999 Kargil war to prove that channels have traditionally not exercised restraint in their coverage of events that have a bearing on national security.

Singling out a lady journalist from the English news channel NDTV, Mehta, who is also the chairman of chiefs of staff committee, said irresponsible coverage of the war had compromised the safety of troops and led to the death of three soldiers. He said this particular journalist had cajoled an army colonel to demonstrate the firing of an artillery gun to capture a great shot on the camera. He said the colonel was later dismissed from service.

Prannoy Roy, president, NDTV, told HT: “What he said is completely untrue and malicious. We have asked for a retraction and a public apology as this amounts to defamation.” New Delhi Television is owned by Radhika Roy who is the sister of CPI-M leader and pro-China voice Brinda Karat. CPI-M party was the only political party that had openly supported China in the 1962 war with India ansd till date has not issued an apology.

General V.P. Malik (retd), who was the army chief during the Kargil war, in his memoirs Kargil — From Surprise to Victory, had written in his book that after the war was over, he mentioned to Barkha Dutt that she had let out classified information in her “professional enthusiasm” by pointing out that the army’s next objective would be Tiger Hill.”



Wikipedia has a controversy section of her which details her exploits during her coverage of Kargil:

Here is another take on her bad reporting:

Please let us get this woman off the air!!



3 responses

18 12 2008

Christiane Amanpour is as obnoxious as burkha dutt if not more.

Her vitriol against Hindus and India in 1990s have to be heard to be believed.

Check out youtube channel of indianmediazoom to get a gravity of the evil that Indian media represents.

7 01 2009

Finally someone who sees this woman for the useless piece of trash that she is. She is undoubtedly the worst reporter on Indian air, and it makes me glad I never got cable in my new house so I dont have to see her fake-serious expressions when reporting ‘real news’. BARF!

24 02 2009
Sameer Khan

I was myself present at one of the hotels under attack by the terrorists, and the way in which Barkha behaved deserves criticizm. In one instance when some survivors were coming out of the building, bruised and emotionally shaken, the woman runs to her. Shouts at some journalists for harassing the victims. And yes asks them what happened inside. Though let me also tell you, many victims and even the so called officials were more than happy to talk to Barkha than rather more responsible print journalists. Mind set of people should be changed first otherwise selfish people like Barkha who titillate news would keep flourishing. Everyone who comes across bad reportage should boycott the news channel. This is the only way the likes of Barkha can be stopped. The channel in question NDTV, has suffered huge losses and by boycotting the channel, may be, they would shut down some day.

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