Do you Symbaloo??

24 11 2008

I happened to come across which is probably the best browser start page there is.

This is a page that allows you to setup bookmarks to your favorite websites in an easy to use intuitive blocks format. Its simple and you don’t even have to sign up to start creating your very own personalized home bookmark page.

The UI is fast and responsive and highly customizable, allowing you to create your favorite links in your personal color blocks. You can customize the icon for the block you created or customize the whole pane for the type of bookmark, for example news, feeds and the likes.

So Red for news, White for Finance, Yellow for Search – its easy, fun and convinent.

The only con I can think of is its name- its not a great name for a website and they could have done a little more markeitng for it…apart from that its a pretty good website.

Give it a try at