The good ol’ car

29 01 2009

What is it about a car that makes one redefine their sense of freedom. Ah! the smell of freedom, where you realize that from this point forward your life will never be the same again. Its the one place where you can be yourself, just you and the car and whole wide world waiting for you to explore! (of course not if the traffic has anything to do with it)

I remembered that feeling when I saw an old 800 driven proudly by its owner the other day. My first car was an 800. More specifically a Maruti Suzuki 800 MPFI 5 Speed – Golden Brown….at that point I really thought it was worth it’s weight in gold.

I still remember the way the car drove, the way the 796 cc engine struggles if there are more than 2 people in the car as if it were  saying to me – ‘this car is for you and you only – what the heck are you doing bringing all these people on board’

The car was tiny, more akin to a an over sized matchbox. But it got me from one place to the next efficiently and without trouble. If you remember your 800 or if you are driving one, you will notice that most of variants have bad gear boxes, forget the straight lines to change the gears, this didn’t work that way. It’s as if the gear has a mind of its own. Allow me to explain: for most cars the shift from second gear to third is a up-right and above straight line. But to an 800 its a slant line straight across – sheer thrill :). No lag in speed during gear changes, no problem getting through traffic because it was so tiny, fun fast and zippy.

The car gave me a good two years until it was sold. I always wonder whether I will see it again. But wherever it is I hope it knows I miss it and would jump at a chance to own it again.

To the 800 – I will always miss that car.

Happy New Year!

7 01 2009

Happy New Year everyone…its 2009 btw in case you are still hungover!

First off, apologies are in order. I haven’t updated my blog in what seems like ages and truthfully it’s not that I have been lazy.. its just that I have been taking a much needed break from my computer, my work, my routine… not that blogging is a routine but booting up a PC does seem like one!

But now I am back to the grind, the work, the traffic, the mess, the chaos… so rest assured all my frustrations will be manifested pretty regularly in this blog…apart from the other stuff of course.

Thanks to all my readers who have read my blog so far, I hope you keep coming back and bring more people with you…I ll do my best to keep this as random as possible.

So what have I been I said I was on vacation but while I was on this much needed hiatus…I have noticed that a lot of new events have taken place, but yet little has changed.

No new headway with Pakistan despite the world (except China & Brazil) being on our side, security is still bad despite the recent bombings in Assam, Chidambaram is our new Home Minister but yet you do feel the same vulnerability;  Traffic is bad everywhere despite new flyovers; pollution has gotten worse despite stricter regulatory norms in place, economy is still bad despite BPO’s hiring sprees; sport still struggles in India despite new impetus provided by our boxing and shooting stars…

the same things get repeated all over again…things move so slowly and it frustrates me…the common man!

I need visionaries, i need people to inspire me, I need someone to look up to in my country…I need hope!

While I may sound pessimistic about things.. I do however keep myself happy by enjoying the the little things …

Watching India beat England for example…or SA beating AUS.. A good book (Arvind Adiga’s – White tiger…which I promise Ill review in my future posts)…Formula 1, Driving on a well laid road (which is a rarity in most cities), a bag of potato chips, drinking beer, watching House MD or Big Bang Theory…

ahh the simple things…

So with this lack of contribution of mine to my country Id like to propose the following poll..

No matter what your answers are…have a great 360 odd days ahead!